Training and Consultancy

Want to learn how to write copy? You can.

Anyone can start writing copy with a proper understanding of the copywriting process, and start to improve with experience, using reading, writing, and comprehension tools they already have. That’s the basis of my training and public speaking programme.

In my book, Think Like a Copywriter, I explain how it’s easy to learn the basic framework required to write good copy in just one day. I aim to pass on my knowledge to as many other people as I can through training seminars, speaking engagements, and other events.

Need advice?

I’m also available as a gun-for-hire on any number of projects, providing copywriting, marketing, and digital expertise on an ad-hoc basis, attending pitches, seminars, or conference calls wherever my creative input is needed.

How can I help you?


Using my eBook, Think Like A Copywriter, as a starting point, I provide training sessions and seminars to quickly train people in the art of copywriting, enabling your staff to keep your website updated, produce your own marketing collateral, write copy in-house, and facilitate better internal and external communication.


Many people find it helps to have a creative who’s good with words around — from brainstorming in meetings to providing marketing insight over the long term. I’m available for hire for single days or on a retainer basis, fitting into your schedule as and where I’m needed, providing telephone, email, or in-situ response.

Public speaking

As a writer who works regularly with designers, developers, art directors, and other creatives, I understand how to bring the copywriting process to life in an informal and engaging way that other people understand. Book me to speak at your next conference, seminar, or other event. It’s good to talk.

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