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This isn’t a book about following rules. This is a book about breaking them.

Think Like a Copywriter doesn’t teach you how to write.
It teaches you how to think.

You’ve seen enough copy over the course of your life to know what it looks like. All you need is the analytical framework to start putting your own words together.

By thinking like a copywriter, you will learn to approach the task from a problem solving perspective — instead of following someone else’s method, you will develop an approach and style of your own.

Because I like to break the rules, I’m giving away my book for free.

Nine chapters. Seventeen exercises. One day to write better copy.

In nine short chapters, I cover everything from inspiration, research, and tone of voice to writing copy for the web, for advertisements, and even how to make effective emotive appeals when writing B2B. You’ll also learn about structure, editing, and how to integrate copy with design.

Featuring seventeen practical exercises to be completed as you work, this book isn’t about memorising tips or tricks, or learning how to write in a certain style — it’s about giving you the ability to find your own voice and start writing unique copy that works for you.

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If you’d rather not pay with a tweet, you can also find my book on or for a nominal fee ($1.70 or £1, which Amazon keeps 75% of).

Some reviews:

“That was the first copywriting book I’ve ever truly enjoyed reading. It’s just what people need to hear, too.”

Kelly Parkinson (@copylicious)

“I teach one of the UK’s only degree level professional writing courses. I have been using Alastaire’s excellent book “Think Like A Copywriter” with my students in my classes. It provides an excellent introduction to the main skills a good copywriter needs and I can’t recommend it enough.”

Nick Parkhouse (@nickparkhouse)

What you’ll be learning:
  1. Free your mind – get out of bad habits and spot the difference between good and bad copy.
  2. Speak the truth – why honesty is the best policy and why you shouldn’t trick your audience.
  3. Head or heart – understanding the difference between emotional and rational appeals.
  4. Tone of voice – how to write in a way that speaks to your audience.
  5. Design and concept –  how to ensure your copywriting is underpinned by good ideas.
  6. Write drunk, edit sober – how to edit your work, Hemingway style.
  7. Copywriting for the web – you’ll be writing it, so it’s time to learn how to do it.
  8. B2B copywriting that sells, not smells – sick of corporate buzzwords? Me too.
  9. Be creative, break the rules – why you absolutely have to find a style that works for you.
Download it free by paying with a tweet:

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